Rare Mineral Specimens – Pack of 5 – Mix 3


Rare Mineral Specimens – Pack of 5 – Mix 3

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The mineral specimens are one of the most inspiring and interesting collector's items on the market. An original gift for a nature-lover or traveller; the authentic souvenirs found around the world. Be ready for an endless variety of crystal shapes, colours and arrangements, and remember – there are no two identical pieces. 

Pack contains:

Azurite Malachite – Azurite Malachite is a mixture of azurite and malachite, usually in the form of dense clusters. It has a beautiful blue-green colour.

Vanadinite – Vanadinite is a mineral from the vanadate group. It occurs very rarely and only locally forms large clusters. The name comes from the element vanadium.

Aragonite – Aragonite is believed to promote truth, understanding and uninterrupted perception of reality.

Barite Serisite – These minerals are generally used for decorative purposes and have great collector's importance.

+1 Randomly picked stone from set MINSP-08

PLEASE NOTE: These Minerals are a natural product. Because of this, the sizes of the gemstone pieces may vary.

* Picture for illustration only, stone contents may vary.

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